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Welcome to ImpactBeta

Learn and Apply Industry Best Practices to Advance your Mission

We offer online courses and tools to help you and your team use industry best practices to advance your mission. We also provide tools to help you and your tool turn these insights into action. Our lessons and tools will help your team align on a shared vision, focus on top priorities, and turn goals into practical next steps.

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About ImpactBeta

Elite Business Best Practices for your Mission-Based Team

Since our establishment, ImpactBeta has sought to equip mission-based organizations with the best that the business community has produced. Our commitment is to providing you and your team with the insights and tools necessary to turn exciting visions into a reality.

The catalog at ImpactBeta includes engaging content on how to craft vision statements, learn more about who you serve, create meaningful and measurable goals, turn goals into actionable plans, and monitor progress to create lasting impact. Join the ImpactBeta community and take control of your own learning today. 

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Offering Overview

Content and Tools

Strategy and Management Course

This course provides an overview of business best practices related to strategy and management. Each module is approximately 3-5 minutes long and is coupled with tools and exercises to facilitate a team working session. Additional references are curated for those who are interested in further study. There are no prerequisites for this course and the materials is tailored for those without a business or management background.

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Ongoing Management Formation

This course provides a constantly updated stream of new content on business best practices. Each lesson is approximately 3-5 minutes long. Topics include understanding those whom you serve, communicating value to a new and existing audience, establishing new channels for reaching those in your mission area, how to cultivate closer relationships with your audience, capture revenue streams, understanding your team's key activities and resources, understanding partnerships, and more. This evolving course is intended to provide an accessible MBA-like education for those in management positions but did not receive formal business or management training.

Seminary Training Programs

Property and Redevelopment Class

This class provides an overview of how to think about property, real estate, and redevelopment. Each lesson is approximately 3-5 minutes long and is coupled with references to additional materials. Topics include understanding zoning and land use, architectural phases, finance and economics, sales and leases, the development community, construction, and more.

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Our Promise

What You Can Expect

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Learn What Works

Learn from the best in the business community to advance your mission

Practical Approaches

Use practical and engaging tools and techniques to unite your team

Run to Win

Only one receives the prize. Go from maintenance to mission with a proven approach.

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